Bring it home, GE! — Invest in the workers and communities of America.

Losing these good-paying jobs puts our economy and our national security at risk, and makes it harder to return manufacturing to the US. It’s time for General Electric to restore its commitment to American workers.

That starts by bringing work back to American communities like Lynn, MA, Madisonville, KY and Arkansas City, KS — all places that have been hurt by GE cuts, outsourcing, and offshoring of its manufacturing processes. Offshoring also hurts the environment by extending the supply chain, and it puts our nation at greater risk for extreme climate and national security emergencies.

Build Back America!

For years, workers at GE have been on the frontlines of American innovation. Workers at GE manufacturing facilities work hard to build for America, including our military defense supplies.

But right now, GE’s offshoring of domestic manufacturing work has turned a national asset into a vulnerability. When GE offshores work, it not only hurts communities, but it also destroys scores of good-paying, union jobs — including jobs that employ United States military veterans.

Just last year, GE received over $4 billion in defense revenue from the U.S. government1, yet it has continued to offshore and outsource work from U.S. facilities. Our taxpayer dollars are subsidizing GE’s profit margin while it continues to leave U.S. workers and communities behind.

It’s time for GE to invest in the workers of America. The workers of America go to work every day to provide for their families and to support our military — but now, thanks to GE’s offshoring and outsourcing schemes, their future is at risk and so is ours.

Tell GE it’s time to bring our manufacturing back to domestic factories, and to believe in the workers of America.



Right now, GE executives are destabilizing employment for scores of American workers — including U.S. military veterans. Join our campaign and tell GE executives that it’s time to believe in America. U.S. taxpayers fund and subsidize GE with billions of dollars each year, and it’s not right that those resources are being hoarded by executives and sent overseas by a company that was built here. The workers and communities who pay these taxes deserve stable, sustainable investment from GE in return.


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Tell General Electric: Move American Military Manufacturing back to American Factories

For years, workers at GE have been on the frontlines of American innovation, manufacturing American military defense supplies here in the US and doing their part to make high quality equipment that our servicemen and women rely on.

But GE’s decades-long disinvestment strategy has left the United States unprepared. GE’s offshoring of core manufacturing functions turns what should be a national asset into a national security vulnerability with uncontrollable and unpredictable supply chains. Our country’s industrial capacity is an asset that cannot be put in jeopardy.

When military manufacturing work is offshored, it doesn’t just hurt workers, families, and communities – it puts all Americans at risk.

Tell GE executives: Keep our communities safe by prioritizing our country’s military supply chain and move American military manufacturing back to American factories.

It is time for GE executives to stop offshoring and reinvest in the American workforce.