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Securing Our Military Manufacturing by Bringing it Home

GE’s outsourcing of American military manufacturing has jeopardized our national security by ceding control of our defense production. Moving our defense manufacturing overseas puts one of our most important national assets on the line. GE must prioritize our national security over its strategy to slash labor costs no matter the consequences.

Tell General Electric: Move American Military Manufacturing back to American Factories

For years, workers at GE have been on the frontlines of American innovation, manufacturing American military defense supplies here in the US and doing their part to make high quality equipment that our servicemen and women rely on.

But GE’s decades-long disinvestment strategy has left the United States unprepared. GE’s offshoring of core manufacturing functions turns what should be a national asset into a national security vulnerability with uncontrollable and unpredictable supply chains. Our country’s industrial capacity is an asset that cannot be put in jeopardy.

When military manufacturing work is offshored, it doesn’t just hurt workers, families, and communities – it puts all Americans at risk.

Tell GE executives: Keep our communities safe by prioritizing our country’s military supply chain and move American military manufacturing back to American factories.

It is time for GE executives to stop offshoring and reinvest in the American workforce.